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Rob Wilson a legend

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Henning went to the former Second World War airbase "Bruntingthorpe" in Leicestershire (UK) to meet Rob Wilson the man who coaches formula 1 drivers. Few people have ever heard of Rob but the top drivers around the globe have. More than half the current F1 grid have sat (and still sits) alongside him every year.

Henning spent 3 days with Rob working on being smooth, weight balance and tyre resistance. The tricky weather conditions with occasional snow first seamed to trouble Rob, however Henning being Scandinavian fought snow only made the challenge more fun.

Henning - "The days with Rob was extremely giving and I learnt a lot from him in a short amount of time. The amazing thing is his was of giving you real time feedback while your doing an input and also feeling the difference in real time while correcting your first inputs. Rob is a really nice chap and I enjoyed every minute on the airfield."

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