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P2 in qualifying, however heavy rain meant that the race got Red flagged

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

The first race event of the year was the 4 hours of Barcelona in the Vdev Endurance series held this weekend. The opening race of the season was Enqvist first race with team Virage. Henning would race alongside Stefan Romecki and Tomas Blicharski two polish drivers with the later being a gentleman driver. After good pace in free practice from all drivers the weekends chances looked good, until suddenly Tomas had an accident in Free practice 4 hitting the barrier so hard he ended up in hospital. Luckily he only had bruises and could leave later the same evening.

The car was not reparable so the weekend would have been over for Henning if it had not been for the decision to move Henning to the sister car replacing the French driver Julien Falchero.

Enqvist would now race alongside Spanish Javier Cobian and Canadian Jakeson Caouette. Henning managed to qualify the car in second place despite lots of full course yellows and pouring rain. Cobian was chosen to take the start, sadly he aquaplaned already on the out-lap and hit the barrier. The crash caused enough damage that the car would take 40min to repair before being able to rejoin. This meant all hopes for the race was gone however the team did a tremendous work of repairing the car and the team showed good speed out on track.

The rain was later so heavy that the organisers decided to red flag the race 3h into the race.

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