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By being a professional racing driver my days are both demanding and fun, involving freedom but also lots of responsibility.


Racing is often said to be about the driver’s personal capacity however without being surrounded by so many fantastic people on this journey I would never have made it this far. My parents of course, always being there for me. The passionate racing family Bohlin who introduced me to racing. My first race engineer and friend Conny. My past and present driving coaches Julien Gerbi and Sten Pentus, who always believes in me and understands how to unlock my potential. I’m so grateful for all of your support!


I’m a disciplined, focused and determined person, always working hard in order to succeed. I love to race, to progress. I want to be the best, to master driving the fastest cars in the world and to stand on the top of the podium. That’s an amazing feeling thats hard to described.

For 2020 I will be racing in the European Le Mans series for Algarve Pro Racing in a partnership together with Good year and BRM chronographs, sharing the car with Loic Duval and Jon Lancaster.

For me racing it’s about so much more than just racing each other and pushing amazing cars to the limit. Its about the people, the journey, the business but especially the passion. I do really appreciate the journey leading up to be the best. Life as a driver, to train countless hours as an athlete, is not a sacrifice, it’s something I love, to meet new people, travel, progress and B2B. I feel fortunate doing it and I look forward to it every day, for me the ultimate goal is to be on top of the podium of  Le Mans 24h.

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